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Direct Response Technologies Introduces DirectTrack Advanced Commission Configuration Suite

Structures affiliate commissions to drive strategic business results

PITTSBURGH – Oct. 26, 2011 – Direct Response Technologies, a leading provider of global performance marketing solutions, announced it has added an advanced commission configuration suite to its DirectTrack® affiliate management platform. The new suite is designed to help advertisers and networks attract affiliates who are highly motivated by multiple payout options. By configuring, tracking, and paying commissions based on targeted criteria, such as demographic data, ongoing activity and specific products, advertisers and networks can improve return on investment (ROI) as well as build mutually profitable relationships with affiliates and other marketing partners. The new DirectTrack suite will be demonstrated at ad:tech New York in Booth 1310.

“The ability to easily configure, track and pay for achievement of targeted results is leading the evolution of performance marketing,” said George Bordo, general manager, Direct Response Technologies. “Historically, affiliates and partners were commissioned based on simple and untargeted actions like clicks or leads, but DirectTrack users now can configure commissions to incent activity that drives strategic business results.”

The advanced commission configuration suite supports custom triggered, user engagement, and product-specific payout models. The custom triggered payouts model allows advertisers and affiliate networks to set payout parameters based on keywords or actions. For example, an advertiser can launch a campaign for consumer enrollments and define payouts based on age, gender and geography, providing a better ROI and incenting affiliate behavior. They could pay $2 for a male over age 40 who lives in the Northeast, while paying $5 for a female between the ages of 25 and 30 who lives in Los Angeles.

Under the user engagement payouts model, networks and advertisers can track referred users over the lifetime of the relationship and pay affiliates for users’ ongoing activity. For example, an affiliate could be paid a commission once when a referred user books airfare and again six months later when the user returns to purchase another flight or a rental car. The product-specific payout model allows advertisers to upload their entire product catalog into DirectTrack and assign payouts by product.

“We’re seeing these commission models being used to develop sophisticated one-to-one advertiser/affiliate engagements that both parties can agree on quickly, implement easily, forecast accurately, and deliver to reliably,” said Bordo.

About Direct Response Technologies

Direct Response Technologies, the architect of the DirectTrack® affiliate marketing platform, provides best-in-breed technology to some of the world’s most powerful performance marketing and affiliate programs. Merchants and networks choose Direct Response for the reliability, scalability, and accuracy of its solutions.  A trusted advisor since 1994, Direct Response helps clients drive revenue, improve efficiency and increase brand visibility through global customer acquisition and offer distribution programs. For more information about Direct Response Technologies or DirectTrack, visit or call (866) 773-4460.

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